Challenges unfolded #journey #memories

The Journey on Bus was started, we go to reach a place where what we want to see. In the next bus stop, one couple and their 2 children are boarded on the bus.

This couple hold their children in one hand and hold the walking stick in other hand yes they are visually challenged. The father hold his child who may be 4-5 years old. The mother hold his child who may be 3 years old.
They are very anxious it may due to the panic to be reach the place in correct time. Their father get a seat in one place and their mother get a seat in other place, neighbors and bus conductor help them to sit on that place.

The bus moves on and they both ask each other “are you sit on a comfortable place”. Their mother and father only get a place but children can’t. They sit on their lap only. They reached the place where they want, The mother and their  one child get off from the bus then, father get off, when the another child get off from the bus there is an interruption the father pull the hands of the child and scold him to come and the bus will gone then the child starts crying and their father also starts scolding and that time one grandma come and help them to get off the child. I finally saw that what happens when I went closer to that place what happened was the child’s hand getting caught on the gap of handlebar on bus, without knowing this their father pulling the hand, it leads to pain so the child starts crying.This is the true incident I saw. YOU CAN LEARN ANYTHING FROM THIS, ITS YOUR CHOICE 

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