Does fire fails to deserve? #fire #states of matter

In our childhood we studied the two mark question or one mark question they asked the question ” What are the three states of matter?” and we answered solid, Liquid and gas.

 After, It changed into four states of matter then plasma was added, but still now most of them thinks there is only three states of matter and after, another states of matter was added, that is Bose-Einstein Condensate.

Now the states of matter increased as 12. But why our fire is not in the states of matter list?Fire is a major thing in our life, among all our body leads to sick when our body temperature decreases or increases not only in our body but also in our environment we need the required temperature. 
Fire is a illusionistic thing because we can see, feel but not touch or take. It’s a different thing among other states of matter then why we consider it as a plasma, plasma will formed into fire. But fire is also a one state, if not how liquid formed? By gas, but liquid is  a one state then why fire🔥 is not in the states of matter list?

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