Keeezhanellikottai kaldosai #Foodreview

We started the breezy journey to worship the almighty Gods in karaikudi and thirumayam, Whenever we go on the way of karaikudi to any place. We just go and taste the mouth watering kaldosai in that tiny hotel in keeezhanellikottai, It may be a tiny hotel but the taste is not tiny.

We stop the car near the hotel and we didn’t enter the dining place but the lovely odour of dosai, sambar and chutney are came. We all are sit on the places asusual they put banana leaf and they give mouthwatering dosa, chutney, sambar and vada. All are in steam coming state.

We filled our stomach with those tastiest food. Why I said like means you can’t eat this type of dosa anywhere, It’s totally different from others They not only sell dosa but also pongal, idly and so on but my favourite is that dosai πŸ™‚

If you go on the way of keeezhanellikottai near karaikudi, Just taste that kaldosai.

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