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Most of the time Our “Needs” overtaken the “Aim

Most of the people are tried to become a person to a specific person. Some like to achieve and some are forced to achieve

People try to become famous.

People try to chase after money.

People try to become a first.

But, what is Achievement? is that are money? or fame? or just a number?

Some of them said it’s happiness. But they got happiness only when they got the above.

But in my point of view the achievement is ” The answer of our long time questions and satisfaction”.

But, Above all Some of them feel fulfilled with what with they have and forgot their aim.

Fine, But achievement is just a mirage for most of the people. The aim of them is in macro size until they comple their studies, after that it’s on the corner of our heart. The reason is just needs. Well what’s our need? Ah!… Enough money to run our family? Their needs are just a required money and to run family. But someones basic needs are also like mirage. then how can they think about achieving even they have a talent.

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