Mars’s Humble Requests: #mars


Hi Earthians, I know you people are very eagerly waiting to live on me. But I have some requests, Before I said my requests I want to ask one question, Did you think planets are juice bottles? to drunk the juice until the last drop and searching for another to drink, likewise you destroyed and exploited the earth’s everything until the last thing and you picking me now for doing those things you done on earth.

I don’t know why? You all are giving more efforts to the things that don’t need for you and you give more priority for unwanted things. But you don’t care about your required things.

Why you people are wandered in search of irregular happiness and make it a money and converted into a buissnes and make people addict to that thing?

Ok I’ll tell my humble requests:

1. Please use your required things only. don’t do exploitation on me (Mars) and Don’t snatch anything from other living beings indirectly or directly.

2. Please don’t get seperate and dominate by the name of country, state, district, street, Language, money, fame, relegion, caste, race, gender.

3. Please don’t destroy me in the name of development.

4. Please be loyal to me because you are very disloyal to earth.

5. Please don’t make unwanted things to get luxury and make entertainment to Sale that things.

6. Please forget the thing like pride and desire when you come to me because, you people will do anything for those things.

8. Please don’t create any laws for your comfortable and to dominate others.

7. Please rectify the problems on earth then come to me.

Yours fearfully


6 thoughts on “Mars’s Humble Requests: #mars

  1. It’s really thought provoking….This great content should reach everyone in the nook and corner of the earth 🌍 …Lets stop destroying the earth…Keep going…

    Liked by 1 person

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