Will allopathy cures your body’s problem?

Now allopathy conquers other forms of medicine like siddha, ayurvedha, yunani, homeopathy etc… Well, allopathy conquers by forming incidents to come forward it.

But What it did, will it cures the problem? Probably not, because it treats, not cures, But probably other form of medicine do this. Most of them knew this things. But The problem is why we prefer the allopathy rather than other form of medicine Because is it modern or fast?

If you say it cures,

Why some of the people eat medicines life long to receive more money.

Why most of them wear spectacles? why allopathy medicine doesn’t cures this problem by medicine, to recieve money by selling spectacles?

Why diabates patients are not free from this disease? To recieve money by selling medicines too long?

Why operation is required for removing stones or tumour in our body even though it is just a temporary relief? It’s like take and blow the drain from pipe instead of off the pipe.

Why the organ removed when the problems in it?

There is a lot of things like this but it dominates and conquer the world even though we all are know the above things too.

Most of the people knows plants can cures the disease or disorder then why allopathy can’t take herbs based medicine? Is that fear of improves agriculture by herbs farming or is that fear of people will live long.

Why allopathy medicine replace the function of the body in the name of treatment.

We are all like to eat an organic food which is artificial fertilizers free. But we are all not organic now.


Most of the people know what I was said but we just said only and just walk towards the big corporate only. when it will change?

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