Will allopathy cures your body’s problem?

Now allopathy conquers other forms of medicine like siddha, ayurvedha, yunani, homeopathy etc… Well, allopathy conquers by forming incidents to come forward it.

But What it did, will it cures the problem? Probably not, because it treats, not cures, But probably other form of medicine do this. Most of them knew this things. But The problem is why we prefer the allopathy rather than other form of medicine Because is it modern or fast?

If you say it cures,

Why some of the people eat medicines life long to receive more money.

Why most of them wear spectacles? why allopathy medicine doesn’t cures this problem by medicine, to recieve money by selling spectacles?

Why diabates patients are not free from this disease? To recieve money by selling medicines too long?

Why operation is required for removing stones or tumour in our body even though it is just a temporary relief? It’s like take and blow the drain from pipe instead of off the pipe.

Why the organ removed when the problems in it?

There is a lot of things like this but it dominates and conquer the world even though we all are know the above things too.

Most of the people knows plants can cures the disease or disorder then why allopathy can’t take herbs based medicine? Is that fear of improves agriculture by herbs farming or is that fear of people will live long.

Why allopathy medicine replace the function of the body in the name of treatment.

We are all like to eat an organic food which is artificial fertilizers free. But we are all not organic now.


Most of the people know what I was said but we just said only and just walk towards the big corporate only. when it will change?

Chicken curry creamy overloaded

Chicken is always Ultimate, it’s never fails to amaze us because of his taste. we ate different types of chicken recipes. But this item is different and creamy.

This recipe was made by following, At first you should on the two stoves before on it. You should take the following ingredients.

Chicken – 1/2 kg

Milk – 1 cup

Sesame oil or whatever – 1 cup

Ginger garlic paste – 3 table spoon

Pepper powder – 5 table spoon

Mint – 15-20 leaves

Onion – 5

Tomato – 3

Chilli powder – 2 table spoon

Coriander powder – 2 table spoon

First pour required oil and add cumin, ginger garlic paste then saute it well until the aroma came, add chopped onion and tomato then saute it well until the aroma came then add mint saute well, then add chicken pieces and add chilli powder, coriander powder, pepper powder and pour some little amount of water then close it until the chicken boiled well.

After the chicken boiled, the gravy made. In other tawa add oil and milk in equal amount at the same before the oil get heat because if you add milk after the oil get heat it, the oil may scattering in your hand. After the oil milk boiled add your chicken gravy and make it boil and let the chicken absorb the milk oil mixture. Add more amount of pepper powder until you like. After 5 mins pour your creamy chicken on the bowl and let the rest of the oil stand on tawa.

Mars’s Humble Requests: #mars


Hi Earthians, I know you people are very eagerly waiting to live on me. But I have some requests, Before I said my requests I want to ask one question, Did you think planets are juice bottles? to drunk the juice until the last drop and searching for another to drink, likewise you destroyed and exploited the earth’s everything until the last thing and you picking me now for doing those things you done on earth.

I don’t know why? You all are giving more efforts to the things that don’t need for you and you give more priority for unwanted things. But you don’t care about your required things.

Why you people are wandered in search of irregular happiness and make it a money and converted into a buissnes and make people addict to that thing?

Ok I’ll tell my humble requests:

1. Please use your required things only. don’t do exploitation on me (Mars) and Don’t snatch anything from other living beings indirectly or directly.

2. Please don’t get seperate and dominate by the name of country, state, district, street, Language, money, fame, relegion, caste, race, gender.

3. Please don’t destroy me in the name of development.

4. Please be loyal to me because you are very disloyal to earth.

5. Please don’t make unwanted things to get luxury and make entertainment to Sale that things.

6. Please forget the thing like pride and desire when you come to me because, you people will do anything for those things.

8. Please don’t create any laws for your comfortable and to dominate others.

7. Please rectify the problems on earth then come to me.

Yours fearfully


Mirage #Aim #achievment #quotes #quote of the day

Most of the time Our “Needs” overtaken the “Aim

Most of the people are tried to become a person to a specific person. Some like to achieve and some are forced to achieve

People try to become famous.

People try to chase after money.

People try to become a first.

But, what is Achievement? is that are money? or fame? or just a number?

Some of them said it’s happiness. But they got happiness only when they got the above.

But in my point of view the achievement is ” The answer of our long time questions and satisfaction”.

But, Above all Some of them feel fulfilled with what with they have and forgot their aim.

Fine, But achievement is just a mirage for most of the people. The aim of them is in macro size until they comple their studies, after that it’s on the corner of our heart. The reason is just needs. Well what’s our need? Ah!… Enough money to run our family? Their needs are just a required money and to run family. But someones basic needs are also like mirage. then how can they think about achieving even they have a talent.

Keeezhanellikottai kaldosai #Foodreview

We started the breezy journey to worship the almighty Gods in karaikudi and thirumayam, Whenever we go on the way of karaikudi to any place. We just go and taste the mouth watering kaldosai in that tiny hotel in keeezhanellikottai, It may be a tiny hotel but the taste is not tiny.

We stop the car near the hotel and we didn’t enter the dining place but the lovely odour of dosai, sambar and chutney are came. We all are sit on the places asusual they put banana leaf and they give mouthwatering dosa, chutney, sambar and vada. All are in steam coming state.

We filled our stomach with those tastiest food. Why I said like means you can’t eat this type of dosa anywhere, It’s totally different from others They not only sell dosa but also pongal, idly and so on but my favourite is that dosai 🙂

If you go on the way of keeezhanellikottai near karaikudi, Just taste that kaldosai.